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Setting Up A Message


Before we start, Zira will need the Send Messages permission if you want Zira to send the message for you, rather than using your own message.

Command Usage

z/message [Message ID]

if you would like to use your own message.


You can learn how to get a message ID here


Command Usage

z/message Message You Want Here

if you would like Zira to send the message.


Set or send the message(s) that users will be able to react on.

ID Example

ID Example

Message Example

Message Example


The message will be sent in the channel you specified earlier in the "Setting Up A Message" step, you don't have to run this command in the channel you want the message to send.


You've successfully setup or sent a message with Zira. The next step is adding roles to the message we just set or made! You have 3 choices on how you want your reaction roles to work:

  1. z/add - Allows users to pick multiple roles from a message, such as PS4, PC, XBox; allowing users to pick and choose as many as they want, etc.

  2. z/toggle - Allows only one role from a/ each message, such as if you bind reactions to colors, and you want the user to only have one color role at a time, etc.

  3. z/once - Allows a role to be claimed only once, such as accepting the server rules, accepting terms to join a new channel, etc.